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Upcycled Tile Coasters!

I have been working on clearing the clutter out of my house lately, and since I am always rescuing items from the trash or donation pile at work, I have a lot of clutter. It is mostly in the form of boxes or bags of items I had some project idea for, but haven’t gotten to yet. So there it sits, unorganized and cluttery…
I was walking past just such a bag today, with 8 painted tiles in it, when I thought, “I think I have the felt I need handy to turn those tiles into coasters!” My little buddy, Rylie, brought me a “doll” she “made” me last time she came over. They ran out of glue, so it was just 2 pieces of felt with a pipe cleaner wrapped around it. As I thanked her for the wonderful “doll”, I was thinking, “Oh, felt in my favorite colors! I can craft with that!” Shhh!
So I grabbed the tiles and cleaned them up with some window cleaner, and set out to start, and even finish, a craft project! These were from a bin of ceramics someone donated at the thrift store that I manage. My boss, Ela, didn’t want to sell them in the store (or the painted cups that were donated with it!), so I brought them home thinking I’d make something cool with them! It looks like many of the items were painted by kids, some even with a kids name on the back! I thought they were way too cute and deserved a new purpose!
I found the felt and found I had enough to make 4 of the 8 coasters right now. The rest will have to wait until I find my felt stash in the storage room (Soon to be craft room!).
 I cut out four generous felt squares and matched the tiles up with the colors I  thought looked best. Dexter helped.
 Next I grabbed my E-6000, which is one of the best things ever. Seriously, this stuff works on everything!
I lined the grooves with glue, as well as the borders. I didn’t want to add too much in case it soaked through the felt, but it wasn’t any issue!
I then applied even pressure to the felt and smoothed out any bumps or ridges.
After gluing all of the coasters, I carefully cut the extra felt off the sides.
Here you can see the orange and green under the tiles.
And here is the finished product!!
These exact ones are available now for purchase for $12 plus $6 shipping within the US. They will ship in a small flat rate box.
Please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas/suggestions for a new take on it!!!