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Homemade Skin Care Intro


Hello and welcome to my homemade skin care blog! I recently started getting into making my own skin products and discovered a few things:

1. Most items you need for your skin you can find in your kitchen.
2. It is much cheaper to make your own stuff!
3. It is really EASY to make them yourself!
4. Your skin will react much better to natural products.
5. All those expensive products you have been buying are actually helping to keep your skin in it’s current irritated state. The chemicals in most skin care products usually make your skin breakout, get wrinkles, feel dry… Basically, whatever it says its fixing.

So after all that, why in the world would you ever buy any skin care product (unless it is homemade by a specialist) again? Well, I won’t be. Now I use all my own products except for shampoo and conditioner, which is just because I still have plenty and haven’t gotten around to making them yet!

All the items I have made so far, my skin just loves! I think my skin looks younger now than when I was 20! I get less breakouts now and my pores are much smaller. My skin tone is really even now too!

Most skin products I make are oil based. Oils are really what makes a difference in skin care, the other products added to store bought stuff is usually just filler, fillers that aren’t too good for your skin! Now, to get started there are lots of different products you can get, but the most basic ones you should have are Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. There is a lot you can do with just those oils. Now, I know a lot of people with oily skin will think that using oils on your skin would be counter intuitive and make the oil problem worse, but that is a big big big myth! The reason you are oily is that you are using products that strip your natural skin oils, making your body produce an excessive amount. Your body needs oil, it’s why it produces oil naturally. Using oil based products are more likely to normalize your skin so you are not over producing oil, fixing your oily little problem!

So, keep an eye out for some upcoming posts! I plan on posting tutorials for several products pretty soon, including: The Oil Cleansing Method, Sugar & Salt Scrubs, Lip Balms, Face Creams, Toothpaste, Oil Pulling, Toner, and more!