2013, Already an Adventure…


Man oh man, things have been nutzo lately! Between my work, my home and my work at home, things are going crazy!
I am barely working because I cut back my hours for my home business. But of course, the first week of my new schedule I get called in to watch the place while the owner went out of town. In that time i had to deal with incompetent guys who have been saying they would fix the garage door at the thrift shop since the summer, but have rebroken it 3 whole times (((WOW))), and of course they didn’t fix it this time either (I’m so surprised!). They actually were there 3 times that week, and never even actually worked on it, plus I had to go through all this trouble to make sure they could get in the garage at 5 am this one day to fix it, and they were going to meet the building manager at 5 am too, but didn’t show up, so the lady was up, waiting in the snow, for over an hour before giving up. Nice guys! Then I had this crazy shoplifting lady, and then this guy Collin made me an hour late one day because he came in to spew anti-gun control crap for about an hour and I literally had to kick him out after closing. I really don’t get him, hes this 19 year old kid who I hung out with 2 or 3 times out of politeness and he now thinks we are great friends or something and comes to talk to me (AT MY WORK!) all the time about things we have nothing in common about. Not to mention, be will say tings like “Let’s go get high in the garage” at work, around people. I seriously can’t understand the logic there, I’m at work, I don’t want to get fired, I don’t do stupid teenage shit.Why does he think I would appreciate him making me look like a stupid teenager at the store I manage? I mean, he has a job, does he like having his scrappy looking friends hanging around, chatting about the stupid shit they did at some high school party and spouting their political views that are so beyond right or left; they are just plain incoherent and ill researched. Wow, talk about getting ranty… You should have seen me the night after this convo happened though, I swear I nearly had a nervous break down because of the sheer ignorance of him, and the fact that he is not especially unusual besides the fact that hes only 19. Well, I’ve ranted about this long enough, so I will just say for clarification:
I believe that protecting our children is more important that being able to own semi-automatic weapons, and we should close the gun show loop hole. I’m actually more anti-gun than that, but I know this is a gun nut country and we wont realistically get rid of all guns. I think anyone who is more upset about the thought of loosing military grade guns that no one actually needs than they are about the fact that twenty 6 and 7 year old children were mowed down in their classroom with between 3 and 11 shots into each one of them, well, they have something psychologically wrong with them and they lack a functioning conscience. To me, that is horrifying. The fact that some people are more upset about maybe loosing some of their guns is absolutely sickening. I cried for hours that night, and for days later. I don’t know how anyone can feel anything else but grief after the Sandy Hook shooting.

Moving on..

Well, at home, my house has been kinda falling apart. Actually, not my house, I rent, so that is kinda good as long as this place doesn’t have something happen beyond repair. It’s going in that direction. We are keeping an eye out for something comparable, but it’s hard to find a place that will allow a ton of animals with bad credit for about $400 a month. But we already lost power to our bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and cat room for a week, then the electrician told us the electric needs to be completely redone, but its not worth it on this place. Then our pipes froze and we had a flood in the laundry room, which we are working on now. If anything else major happens, they may just tear this place down. So, we decided we need to start saving some money to maybe buy some land we can put a trailer on while we build. But yeah, things are pretty nuts.

Then my home business. I just changed my hours, and right after I do my site I do all my selling on gets crazy wonky. Now I’m barely making anything on it and really can’t afford to keep going like this. Now, I’m looking at other sites and all that and trying to find something people are making good money on. Whatever, I will find a way to stay at home, I like it so much better than a full time job! So I’m going to start by cleaning my house and finding things to sell on ebay while they have free listings! Then I’m going to order lots of new product and add stuff to all the selling sites I can find. I just need to organize my life a bit first, but that will happen when I clean stuff out to sell on ebay!

Well, that’s my update. I probably left some important things out, but whatever, close enough. 🙂

Oh, I remember, we want to move out of the US! Not sure where though somewhere without a lot of gun violence.


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