Starting a Journey


So, after much talking with my hubby, we have decided that I should quit my job and work on my home business full time! Which of course means I have to do the unfortunate business of quitting my job, but I will just have to toughen up and do it! I am very excited to start out on this journey though. As of late, I have been feeling my age. Not that I’m old, I’m still only 25, but I’m at the point where I think I should be moving towards my goals for life and not stuck in this paycheck to paycheck routine to just get by. I want to be proud of my work and truly enjoy it on a deeper level. So now I’m on a mission: to make more online than I have been making at my job! I will first just quit, then start trying to do a project a day and blog all along the way! My main focus is natural skin care and upcycled products. These are 2 things I really believe in and am very passionate about! Expect a lot more on that soon!!


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