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Merry Christmas!


Hello everyone! Merry Christmas! I hope you have all had a great Christmas like me! I’m writing this on my brand new laptop while watching a movie with my wonderful hubby; I love having a laptop!
I think in my last blog I had agreed to work 1 day a week at my job. I have worked it out that I work from 8am to 3pm on Fridays, then the rest of my week is free! I think my first big job is to work on my craft room! It is currently a guest room/storage room. We already painted it, but everything else needs to be redone. I am hoping to finish it by the end of February.  I feel like I really need to dive into the working at home and blogging thing. So I’m trying to take pictures of my projects as I do them and gradually make blogs for them.
Now I have to run off to an auction, have some pie or something for me!


It Finally Feels Like Christmas!


I’ve been so busy working and getting ready for Christmas that the actual holiday has really snuck up on me! I just got off work at 3pm today and realized, “Hey, it’s Christmas eve!”
Not a big deal though since we don’t have any big plans and my Christmas gift from Justin shouldn’t be here for a week or so. Or is it??? When I got off work I came home to find that my gift arrived very early! A shiny new laptop! This is actually not only my first laptop I’ve ever owned, but also the first brand new computer I’ve ever owned! It was surprisingly fast to get up and running, although there may have been a few setbacks due to outdated owners not knowing what they were doing… But now, not an hour later, I have entered the tech world! Now I just need one of then fancy internet phones…
I also got a special delivery tonight! A little while ago I got a “Fine Red Wine Sampler” from my brother, Austin! Plus he got me a really nice wireless mouse for my laptop! Pretty good job for him, I expected the mouse (since it’s what I told him I needed), but I was very surprised with the wine (which includes our 2 favorite bottles shipped to us later!)! Austin usually gets me something electronic, a gift card, or cash. That’s really all I ever expect from him because he really isn’t much of a shopper, except for with electronics. He never goes for something personal that he will have to choose. So for him to send me wine, and good wine at that, was a very big surprise!
My mom and grandma gave me an awesome gift too, SNOW TIRES! Well, they are technically all terrain tires, but for us in Washington with street tires, it is an amazing upgrade! We were sliding all over the road with all the snow slush and really couldn’t afford new tires, so we were excited by the gift! They work perfect too! The car feels much safer now!
We also found some homemade treats on our gate from our neighbors, and my boss gave me a $175 Christmas bonus and let me choose a Lemongrass Spa gift set from work (I got the Cucumber Foot Fetish Set). Not bad! I’m actually really wanting to use it now after talking about it!
We have several wrapped gifts from my in-laws too which we plan on opening tomorrow, so we can’t report what we got there, but it is nice to have something to look forward too!
As for tomorrow, still no clue what we are doing, but I’m sure we will figure something out!
Until then, enjoy Christmas Eve!

On My Way!


Well, I took the plunge and quit my job today! I agreed to try to stay for 1 day a week and to help out when my boss is out of town, but for the most part, I should be done by the beginning of the year! Time to get busy!!I have a whole house to get organized before I do much crafting! I already started by reorganizing my closet and drawers, but that’s as far as I want to go tonight. Maybe I will grab a box of craft supplies to sort though and watch The Wonder Years, if I’m really trying to be productive(ish).
Starting tomorrow, I am going to be going though the house one project at a time and completely reorganize everything. Then, come January, it will be time to work on my craft room!!
That’s the big “update” for tonight!

Starting a Journey


So, after much talking with my hubby, we have decided that I should quit my job and work on my home business full time! Which of course means I have to do the unfortunate business of quitting my job, but I will just have to toughen up and do it! I am very excited to start out on this journey though. As of late, I have been feeling my age. Not that I’m old, I’m still only 25, but I’m at the point where I think I should be moving towards my goals for life and not stuck in this paycheck to paycheck routine to just get by. I want to be proud of my work and truly enjoy it on a deeper level. So now I’m on a mission: to make more online than I have been making at my job! I will first just quit, then start trying to do a project a day and blog all along the way! My main focus is natural skin care and upcycled products. These are 2 things I really believe in and am very passionate about! Expect a lot more on that soon!!