Monthly Archives: December 2010

This Christmas…


This Christmas has been different than any other in my lifetime. Certainly not in the music department, but in over all consumerism, or the lack there of. We have dropped at least 10% in Christmas spending compared to 2009. Two days before Christmas and the stores are crowded, but you can still find parking. That’s not a good sign for the mall stores. Honestly though, it’s not a bad thing, in my opinion. Americans have been (and still do) spending more money on Christmas gifts than any other country in the world. The only thing we think about is the gifts we must buy, making Christmas the most stressful time of the year for anyone not a child or rich! We get time off work, that is unpaid for most of us working class people, and then spend more time and money on gifts, travel, not to mention my damn roof leaks every friggen time it rains, but I can’t friggen afford to fix it during the holidays! I mean seriously, wouldn’t Christmas be better if we could just take a few days off and relax with friends and family? Or even just to sit in your underwear for a few days watching CSI Miami? Well, this next year, maybe we will all get what we really want for Christmas; a lot less Christmas! Every Christmas before this one, I’ve been like all the other poor mall drones; saving for months and picking up extra hours/jobs just so I can afford to get a gift for everyone on my list. Then of course come the debate of how much you should spend on each person, did you forget anyone, if I get this for this person will this other person be jealous? I mean, how is this fun? Then, every single year, I end up feeling a bit awkward when at least half of my family and friends didn’t think to get me anything after I spend tons of time and money trying to find the perfect gift for them… This, and the fact that I’m unemployed and behind on my mortgage, is why I’m not buying a single Christmas gift this year. I’m also not driving all over freaking Southern California to see everyone that expects me to be there for Christmas. My mom and in-laws get Christmas, but that’s the only day of the holiday season that they are going to get. I no longer feel compelled to make a big friggen stink about this holiday, I mean, I’m not even religious! But all of this is due to the recession we have gripped about for the last few years. So I say hooray! One good thing the recession has done is metaphorically kill the American Christmas. Go recession! Now, if only we could do something about every store around playing Christmas music from Halloween to New Years! But there is always next year!